Community Market ​Day
Please Complete the Following Information To Participate In
The Community Market Day.  

Items You Are Selling
Company Name
Sales & Use #
NorthCross Mall - Parking Area @ Norris Ctr
2525 W. Anderson Lane, Suite 365
Austin, Texas 78757
Cost - Outside Space Only
$35 / Approx 10x10 Space Only
Electricity is not available outside
All Setup Requirements Responsibility of Vendor
Items For Consideration
Fresh Produces, Herbs, Plants, Homemade Specialty Food Products, Handmade Jewelry, Handmade Crafts, Handmade Body Products, Art, Items That Resonate With Living A Holistic Lifestyle
Pls ensure that you have read the information pertaining the the market prior to submitting the form. This is an applicaiton to participate for the market. 

After submitting the form, you will receive a confirmation email within 24hrs with instructions for payment. 
Although this is open to all vendors, we respect the right to decline a vendor to ensure that there is not too many of similar items for the integrity of the market.  

Get 3 Friends To Sign Up For The Market & Get A Discount On The Next One
That's right, we want this to be a fun event and friends make it more fun. If you know of some friends who do some amazing things, then why not help them sign up for this market.  Let us know who those friends are and when they sign up, you'll get an email with a discount code for the next Market Day. 

Setup Information
Setup begins at 9:00am.  Take Down should begin no earlier than 3:00pm. Pls do not leave early unless absolutely necessary for the integrity of the market 
A Canopy is recommended but not required. You will be in an open parkinglot area established for this market.  Pls bring items to secure your canopy properly. 
Other Information
This market is running concurrently as part of Harmony Healing Arts Festival Event taking place in the Norris Center. 
You will have access to bathrooms, water, and electricity within the center. 

Please respect your fellow participants in adjoining vendor spaces.  We want this to be as pleasant an experience for everyone involved.