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"All Who Wonder Are Not Lost"
Offering a variety of festivals, classes and workshops for enriching your life and wellbeing

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Upcoming Workshops & Classes

We are working on bringing you some wonderful events, workshops and classes in the coming months. Get on our email listing to keep up-to-date on all the happenings
Our Events, Classes And Workshops focus on all things alternative/holistically oriented and will encompass some that may not appear to be, but actually are. We invite you to explore how these are seen as holistic healing therapies and to learm more about how to embrace thriving in a holistic lifestyle. 
Monthly  Healing Festivals
Held at Nature's Treasuers offering the opportunity for you to engage in a variety of healing services all at once. Stop by and check out our healing therapies, catch some of our free classes or even attend a workshop to aid you on your journey into wellbeing. 
  Upcoming Festivals - Saturday
May 20th, Nature’s Treasures
Jun 24th, Nature’s Treasures
Jul 22nd, Nature’s Treasures
  Upcoming Festivals - Sunday
Jun 11th, Nature’s Treasures
Jul 9th, Nature’s Treasures

Aug 13th, Nature's Treasure
For those who are seeking information on the Norris Location festival, Harmony Healing Arts has made the decision that this location does not move us in the direction of creating a healing oasis and will not be having festivals there.